What can I do if the product becomes defective after the warranty period?

If your product develops a defect after the warranty period has ended, we recommend following these steps:

1. Contact Customer Service: Please reach out directly to our customer service team and provide them with a detailed description of the product issue. You can contact us through live chat or send us an email at service@tesmart.com.

2. Provide Purchase Information: To expedite the resolution process, kindly provide your purchase information, including the order number, purchase date, and product model details.

3. Product Assessment: Our customer service team will assess the information you provide and guide you through possible solutions. 

4. Repair or Replacement: If the issue with the product is confirmed to be a defect and is beyond the warranty period,  please rest assured that we will offer satisfactory options for you. 

Please understand that addressing product issues beyond the warranty period may involve additional services and costs, but we will make every effort to assist you in finding a reasonable solution.

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