Is my personal information secure?

1. Is my personal information secure?

All information you provide to TESmart is solely used for processing your orders. Your information will not be sold, traded, shared, or used for any similar purposes. We only use the information you provide to us to fulfill the products you have ordered. Information required to complete orders through third parties will only be provided for that purpose. We have agreements with third parties involved in our business transactions to ensure that your information remains confidential and is not provided to anyone else.

2. What information will I receive when making a purchase?

When you make a purchase from TESmart, you will only receive information directly related to the products you have ordered. Any emails sent to you are directly associated with the order you placed, ensuring that you receive accurate and relevant information regarding your purchase.

3. Whom should I contact if I have questions about the policy?

You can contact us through the chatbox in the bottom right corner of the website or by sending an email to Online purchases are a matter of trust, and we are committed to ensuring that your information is securely protected. We hope to receive the same courtesy and trust from you.

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