LAN RS232 Control Protocols

Collection Protocol Name Applicable Product Models
Switch 4x1 SDI switch-Communication-protocol SSW04010A10
4x1-DVI-KVM-CommunicationProtocol DKS0401A30
8x1 HDMI KVM CommunicationProtocol HKS0801A20
8x1 HDMI Switch (KVM)Communication Protocol-v2 HKS0801A30, HSW0801A10, HSW0801A1U, HKE0802A10HKS0801A40,HKS0801A1U
16x1 HDMI KVM Communication Protocol HKS1601A10, HSW1601A10HKS1601A1U, HSW1601A1U
Matrix 4x4 HDMI matrix communication protocol(RS232) HMA0404A40, HMA0404B40,HMA0404B50HMA0404A50, HMA0404A30,HMA0404A70
4x4 HDMI matrix communication protocol(RS232+IP) HMA0404B30, HME040410H, HME040806RHMA0404A1U,
8X8 HDMI matrix communication protocol HMA0808A10, HMA0808A20, HMA0808A30HMA0808A1U
16X16 HDMI Matrix Communication procol HMA1616A10,HMA1616A20


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