3. Dual Monitor Setup/Troubleshooting

Pre-requirements for any of the dual monitor KVM's to work correctly with both monitors:

1. Two video connections going out of each machine into the KVM

2. One USB connection from each machine into the KVM

Our dual monitor KVM's come in different combinations of ports such as HDMI+VGA. HDMI+HDMI or HDMI+DP.

Using either with any of your personal machines please make sure that you have two video outputs available.

Laptops usually use a docking station that comes with more than one video output. Please remember that you may need appropriate connectors/adapters in order to be able to go into the KVM if the link is not a direct connection such as an HDMI out on the computer and HDMI in on the KVM. There may be cases where one might have to consider adapters when the available port on the laptop is not HDMI.

When there are no matching ports available you will have to bring in the converters.

Please refer to the diagrams below for your specific model to have a better visual understanding of the setup:

1. Models: HKS202-E23 (Previously HKS0402A1U),HKV202-E23 (Previously HKV0402A1U)


Product connection video

TESmart 2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI+VGA 4K60Hz with EDID (HKV202-E23 Previously HKV0402A1U)

2. Model: HKS202-E23 (Previously HKS0402A1U)


Product connection video

TESmart 2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI 4K60Hz with EDID(HKS202-E23 Previously HKS0402A1U)

3. Model: HDK202-E23 (Previously HDK0402A1U)


Product connection video

TESmart 2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI+DP 4K60Hz with EDID(HDK202-E23 Previously HDK0402A1U)

If you have all the connections correct and still have issues achieving the correct setup, here are some steps to go through:

Check for bad cable (Swap with any other available cable)

Non-standard resolution than the other working monitor (Try to change the resolution for the problematic monitor to the same as the other working monitor)

Verify Bad ports; either on the KVM or computer side (On the computer side, swap it with another machine if available; or, plug in the same computer on the other open slot on the KVM)

Docking station issues(This one is not easy to troubleshoot because people would usually have only one docking station available at hand but its the least likely of all the problems listed above)

 - KVM Power cycle the KVM. It will reset all the communication with the devices and start all over again. Useful if there are communication/signal problems

DOA(Faulty power adapter/ faulty KVM board)


If you still can't figure out the problem feel free to reach out to us at service@tesmart.com

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