Hotkeys for dual monitor KVM

Hotkeys not working | Hotkey Issues | No Scroll Lock on keyboard | Loud Beep
hotkey commands | hotkey setup | hotkey commands don't work | my keyboard have no Scroll Lock button | Passthrough Mode
Applicable product models for hotkeys:
HKS202-E23 (Previously HKS0402A1U)& HDK202-E23 (Previously HDK0402A1U)
Basic info
The keyboard must be plugged into a dedicated Keyboard/Mouse port for hotkeys to be recognized.
KVM Mode 1: Extended Desktop
KVM Mode 2: Split Desktop
Hotkey commands
Switch inputs (mode 1)
PC1 left monitor, PC2 right monitor (Mode 2)
PC2 left monitor, PC1 right monitor (Mode 2)
Change the PC that controls Mouse/Keyboard
Enable or disable beep (Silent mode)
Change hotkey trigger between Scroll Lock to Right-Ctrl
Enable/Disable Passthrough Mode
Confirm Passthrough Mode on (1 beep off, 2 beeps on)
Troubleshooting / FAQ
"My hotkey commands don't work or stopped working
● Make sure the keyboard is plugged into dedicated mouse/keyboard ports
● Try using Scroll Lock as a hotkey trigger, if not, then Right-Ctrl."

"My keyboard does not have a Scroll Lock button
● Use Right-Ctrl, Right-Ctrl, 1, or 2 to confirm the trigger isn't already set to Scroll Lock.
● Press and hold the yellow switch button for 15 seconds. If KVM beeps, turn it off and back on. The hotkey trigger will now be set to Right-Ctrl."

"I accidentally turned Passthrough Mode off and the keyboard no longer functions
● Use a basic 104-key keyboard to turn Passthrough Mode back on.
● We recommend keeping Passthrough Mode on at all times unless using Linux."

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