2. Common Questions for Extender

This article is divided into two parts. The first part is a list of frequently asked questions ( FAQs ) for Extender series products, and the second part is a list of frequently asked questions ( FAQs ) for different models of Extender.


Part I (list of FAQs for Extender series products)




Part II (list of FAQs for different models of Extender)


1. HKE12MMA10

  • Why the direct one to one connection cannot be used?

You must use a super Cat5 / 6e network cable (wire sequence T-568B), please check if the addresses of the DIP switches of the transmitter and receiver match.

  • Why does "Check input signal" appear on the screen?

The input signal is inaccessible, please check if the source of the HDMI input signal is connected normally. It is recommended to replace the shorter HDMI cable. Input signal recommended within 5 meters.

  • What does "Searching TX" on the screen mean?

The network cable is partially disconnected, please check if the network cable is normal. It is recommended to use Super Category 5 and Category 6 network cables.

2. VKE3011A10

  • Will this work over ethernet through a switch etc, or does it have to be a dedicated cable between the sender and receiver?

No. You need a direct Cat5/6/7 connection between the transmitter and receiver. This is not IP communication.

  • Can I run 1 transmitter to 2 receivers with a dedicated network switch?

No. It is a point to point extender. You may want to get one that has a two or three port.

  • Hooked it up exactly like the picture shows but the mouse and keyboard don't work?

You can try to download Driver Booster or slim drivers and see if it will install the drivers for it. You also may try a hardwired keyboard.

  • How is this able to reach distance of 1000ft using cat5e/6 cable?

This product has a limit of 984ft using cat5e/6 cable. If you want to achieve a distance of 1000ft, you can only use 10ft high quality VGA cable at both ends of the transmitter and receiver.

  • Is this kvm extender pnp with windows xp embedded, or do i need to install drivers?

No need to install drivers.

  • How does the "transmitter" get the keyboard/mouse data from USB-B without drivers?

It is because the keyboard/mouse use generic HID usb driver, this driver had already installed in most of the OS(Operation System, for example, OS X, Unix, Windows, Linux...).

  • How long does this VGA extender support?

This VGA extender supports up to 984ft.

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