Flashing Monitors/No Display

Flashing Monitor | Snow screen | Blank Monitor| 

Here are some common reasons that would cause this is 

  • Bad Cable- Its pretty rare but sometimes the video connection could fail. Try testing this connection directly to a monitor to confirm the connection works outside of the KVM.
  • Bad ports- Either on the KVM or computer side. On the computer side, swap it with another computer if available. On the KVM test the failing port with another computer that is known to be working with the KVM. It the issue is USB(keyboard/mouse) failure, make sure you have the Online Light on, this indicates that the USB connection is active.
  • Generic Adapter/Converters- If you are using adapters/converters is the connection stream this is often a point of failure. 
  • Non-standard resolution than the other working monitor- Try to change resolution for the problematic monitor to the same as the other working monitor. Its possible that the selected resolution is not supported by the KVM therefore this will result in a blank screen or flickering. 
  • Docking station issues-Its pretty rare to have incompatible docks but it does happen with some older docking stations for example the HP Ultraslim Dock 2013
  • Monitor-Make sure the monitor is set to the right input source.
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