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Dual/Triple Monitor KVM Switch Black Screen Troubleshooting concise version

For situations where all monitors show a black screen, we have provided possible troubleshooting issues below. Please refer to the following suggestions for assistance, If the issue persists, please reach out to the TESmart Customer Service Center for further assistance. You can contact us through the chat window at the lower right or by submitting feedback. Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to help and provide after-sales support.

Applicable product models: Dual Monitor KVM; Triple Monitor KVM

HKS202-E23 (Previously HKS0402A1U)/HDK202-E23 (Previously HDK0402A1U)/
HKS202-P23 (Previously HKS0202A2U)/HKS402-P23 (Previously HKS0402A2U)/
HKV202-E23 (Previously HKV0402A1U)/HKS802-E23 (Previously HKS0802A1U/
DKS802-E23 (Previously PKS0802A10)/HKS0403A1U etc. 

Question 1

Dual/Triple Monitor KVM Switch Only one monitor can display

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