My mouse & keyboard are not working?

First of all, make sure you have the USB connection established 


Once the connection is established you should have the "Online Light" on this indicates the connection is active this is what makes the communication between the peripherals(Mouse, keyboard, USB devices) and the computers. 


If you're having erratic mouse behavior, dropouts, or repeating keys when connected to the dedicated mouse/keyboard ports, this could be because the dedicated mouse and keyboard ports have EDID programming. This emulation is what allows the switch to receive hotkeys and mouse gestures but conflicts with gaming peripherals and select mouse/keyboard brands. 
  • Solution 1: We see issues occur sometimes when there is Logitech or keyboard/mouse software (corsair, razer, etc.) installed into the computer. You can search your "Apps & Features" and uninstall this software. This should stop the conflict between the hotkey software and keyboard/mouse software. 
  • Solution 2: Another possible cause could be IR interference if you're using a wireless keyboard/mouse, since the USB port is in the back of the KVM there could be interference due to distance and the cables. Using a USB extender to bring the USB dongle closer to the devices will strengthen the connection.


If that still doesn't work we recommend using the USB 2.0 /3.0 port with a powered USB hub as a workaround. Because the USB port does not have EDID emulation, keyboard hotkeys, and mouse gesture switching are not available to devices that use the USB input. 
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