6.HKS0402A1U/HDK0402A1U Pre-sales FAQ


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1. Is this suitable for a KVM switch that supports 2 laptops and 2 monitors?
Yes, this KVM switch is suitable for 2 laptops and 2 monitors. It offers the following functionalities:
Mirror Mode: Both monitors can simultaneously display the mirrored content of the connected laptops.
Dual Display Mode: Different computers can be displayed separately on the two monitors.
Dual Display.JPEG

2. Will connecting a computer to a monitor via a KVM switch result in a reduction in display quality?

Display quality depends on your monitor and settings. As long as the monitor's resolution setting does not exceed the bandwidth supported by the KVM, there should be no decrease in display quality. For instance, taking the HKS0402A1U product as an example, its maximum supported resolution is 4K@60Hz. However, if your monitor only supports 4K@30Hz, then when connected to the KVM, the maximum supported resolution will also be 4K@30Hz. Similarly, if your monitor supports 8K@60Hz, connecting it to the KVM will limit the maximum resolution to 4K@60Hz.

3. Does the dual-monitor KVM require an additional docking station to operate?

If you only have one HDMI port but have other video output ports (such as Type-C, VGA, DP, or DVI ports that support video output), you can use a converter to achieve dual-monitor expansion.

4. Will the USB A/B cable control the keyboard and mouse at the same time?
Yes, the USB A/B cable will allow simultaneous keyboard and mouse control. The USB A/B cable connects the KVM switch to your computer, enabling the transmission of data between the KVM switch and your computer. This allows you to control the keyboard and mouse between different computers.
5.Does the dual-monitor HKS0402A1U support resolutions of 5120x1440 and 3440x1440?
You can refer to the detailed information in the image provided below. Currently, our KVM does not support a resolution of 5120x1440, but it does support a resolution of 3440x1440 at 60Hz.
Support resolution.JPEG
6. Does HDK0420A10 support EDID emulators?
This DP port + HDMI dual monitor KVM switch (HDK0402A1U) supports 2 display modes (MODE 1: Mirror Mode and Extended Mode, MODE 2: Dual Display Mode). Display Mode 1 supports the EDID emulators, which can ensure that the previous screen windows will not be rearranged when the input source device is switched. However, MODE 2 does not support EDID emulators.
7.Before purchasing the HDK0402A1U, I have a compatibility question. My laptop has one USB-C and one HDMI port. Can I use the HDMI port and another USB-C to DP adapter for video output?
The specific capabilities of your laptop's USB-C port. In general, if your USB-C port supports video signal transmission, you can try using a USB-C to DisplayPort adapter to directly connect a display to your laptop (without going through the KVM switch) and check if the display works correctly. If it displays appropriately when connected directly, it should work fine when connected to the DP+HDMI KVM switch.
8. Does HKS0402A1U/HDK0402A10 support a wireless keyboard and mouse?
Our KVM supports 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology and allows you to connect the USB receiver of the wireless keyboard and mouse to the KVM for use. For some brands, which need the USB receiver to work with control software together may cause compatibility problems. At this time, please try to connect the wireless receiver to the USB port for use (You will lose the hotkey features); Besides, our KVM does not support wireless Bluetooth technology.
9. Can HDK0402A10 support turning off the EDID emulator?
The HDK0402A10 does not support disabling the EDID emulator, while the PKS0802A10 supports disabling the EDID Emulator.
10. How to realize dual-screen when the computer has only one video port?
Only one USB-C port: Please distinguish whether this port is Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4, or a regular USB-C interface. Thunderbolt 3 and 4 ports can transmit two audio-video signals simultaneously through a single port. For a regular USB-C port, you may need to connect your computer directly to two monitors to test if it can transmit two audio-video signals simultaneously.
Only one DP (DisplayPort) port: To directly connect your computer to two monitors and test whether it can simultaneously transmit two audio-video signals.
Only one VGA port: Check if there are additional USB-C or USB-A ports on your computer for usage with an adapter cable. If your computer has only one video output port, we generally do not recommend using dual-screen functionality. If you are determined to use a dual-screen setup, we recommend using a USB-A to HDMI converter, although the picture quality and performance may be affected by the converter.
If you are unsure about how to connect your computer to the KVM, please contact our customer service center and provide us with your computer model for assistance.
Direct connection test reference picture:
reference picture.jpg
11. Can all Thunderbolt 3/4 ports support connecting two external monitors?
Most Thunderbolt 3/4 ports can support connecting two external displays simultaneously. However, for MacBook users, the connection may be more specific. To confirm whether a Thunderbolt port can output two audio-video signals simultaneously, please carefully review Apple's official documentation regarding Display Support on their website. Additionally, you can test this by directly connecting your computer to two external monitors to determine if a single Thunderbolt port can indeed output two audio-video signals.
How to check display support information on the Apple official website:
Only support one external monitor:
one external monitor.jpg
Support multiple external monitors:

multiple external monitors.jpg

12. What kind of cable is equipped with HKS0402A1U?
The input terminal contains 2 KVM (HDMI+USB) cables and 2 HDMI cables, the customer needs to prepare output cables by yourself.
13. Why does every computer need two HDMI port inputs?
Due to the absence of MST-multi-streaming in HDMI, each HDMI output can only handle a single video signal independently. In dual-screen mode, two distinct video signals need to be output simultaneously. Therefore, a PC must have two HDMI ports active simultaneously to achieve dual-screen output.
14. What is the pass-through mode?
The pass-through mode is a built-in function of the KVM, which can improve the compatibility of the keyboard and mouse and enhance the user experience. In pass-through mode, the keyboard and mouse act as if they are connected directly to the computer. At this time, you can use more keyboard and mouse functions and special functions that are not supported by traditional KVM.


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